July 13, 2024

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Trainline Debuts Brooklyn Peltz Beckham’s #TrainPicnic Through Europe

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Featuring exclusive #TrainPicnic recipes crafted by Beckham, travelers can easily recreate and enjoy each meal while visiting Trainline’s most booked destinations by rail this summer

NEW YORK, June 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Amidst the rise of Instagram foodies and wanderlust enthusiasts, culinary tourism has emerged as a top source of travel inspiration in 2024. With summer drawing near, Europe’s no. 1 rail booking app Trainline has partnered with culinary enthusiast Brooklyn Peltz Beckham to release its #TrainPicnic Through Europe. Serving as the ultimate resource for an unforgettable and delectable trip abroad, Brooklyn Peltz Beckham’s #TrainPicnic Through Europe features four exclusive recipes, each crafted by Beckham, based on snacks he has enjoyed or would like to eat while traveling by train throughout the UK, France, Spain, and Italy. 

Alongside Beckham’s recipes, #TrainPicnic Through Europe also provides travelers with insider tips on top European restaurants, hidden-gem food markets and must attend food festivals, all accessible by train, with insights gained from Beckham’s firsthand experiences living, eating and traveling throughout Europe. Plus, with a guide to deciphering “snack lingo” abroad, travelers can fully immerse themselves in the culinary culture of the country.  

“I’ve been fortunate to have been able to travel the world; and I’ve always found that the most memorable parts of the journey have been experiencing a new destination through their cuisine,” said Beckham. “Teaming up with Trainline, my goal was to create a platform to share the cultures and cuisines that have inspired me and shaped my cooking style, encouraging others to embark on their own adventure through Europe enjoying the sites, scenes and snacks by train.”

Each recipe is accompanied by step-by-step instructions and personal anecdotes from Beckham, ensuring that enjoying these four delicious and portable meals while admiring the views from the train is a memorable experience. Beckham’s take on train snacks include:

  • Sausage Roll (UK): Arguably, there’s nothing more quintessentially British than a sausage roll. This on-the-go savory delight embodies the essence of comfort food, offering a delicious taste of the UK that all Brits know and love.
  • Tarte Au Citron (France): Indulge in the delightful Tarte au Citron, also known as lemon tart, as the perfect sweet indulgence during a train journey. Its zesty and refreshing flavor elevates the experience, and while they’re found in every Parisian patisserie, nothing quite compares to the homemade version.
  • Tortilla (Spain): The Spanish Tortilla epitomizes a classic Spanish breakfast or lunch choice, with a hearty blend of potatoes and eggs, conveniently wrapped in a portable package. It offers a delightful glimpse into Spain’s vibrant culinary heritage, perfect for enjoying on the move.
  • Chicken Parmigiana on Focaccia (Italy): For a train journey through Italy, consider the Italian Chicken Parmigiana, a tasty combination of tender breaded chicken, rich marinara sauce and melted cheese on rustic focaccia bread. This flavorful and hearty meal is both satisfying and easy to eat while on the move.

“As European rail travel continues to soar among Americans and the appetite for unique culinary experiences grows stronger, joining forces with Brooklyn Peltz Beckham – a passionate food aficionado well-versed in Europe’s vibrant culinary landscape – felt like the perfect fit to inspire more Americans to hop on board,” expressed Jody Ford, CEO of Trainline. “Brooklyn Peltz Beckham’s #TrainPicnic Through Europe seamlessly blends his passion for food with our dedication to effortless rail travel, presenting travelers with an irresistible chance to discover Europe’s culinary gems conveniently and sustainably.”

Trainline offers routes from over 270 rail and coach operators in 40 countries, including the UK, Italy, France, and Spain, and Americans can buy their tickets in dollars for convenience. With Trainline, it’s easier than ever for travelers to buy the best train ticket for their journey and budget, while having access to smart, real-time travel info on the go throughout Europe.  

To view Brooklyn Peltz Beckham’s #TrainPicnic Through Europe, visit Trainline.com.

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