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The ‘Como em CASA’ initiative, developed by Octant Hotels, will have its last editions on the island of São Miguel, at Octant Furnas and Octant Ponta Delgada on April 20 and June 1, respectively. Harmonious with one of the main pillars of the Octant Hotels brand – localism – the initiative aims to highlight the knowledge and flavors of each region.

The ‘Como em CASA’ initiative launched in October 2023 with the goal of presenting the true flavors of each region to the guests of Octant Hotels. A banquet of gastronomic delicacies passed down from generation to generation arrives at the table through the hands of the village’s amateur cooks and the chef of each of the hotels, transforming each meal into a moment of happiness and sharing between friends.

After five editions, ‘Como em CASA’ now arrives in the Azores for the last two chapters of this gastronomic journey through Portugal. Octant Furnas and Octant Ponta Delgada will each host three locals, crowned the best cooks in the region by family and friends. They will join the hotels’ Executive Chefs to provide a true Azorean gastronomic experience and unveil the secrets of the islands’ traditional cuisine.

On April 20, Octant Furnas will welcome D. Fortunata, D. Maria da Graça and D. Rita. With a shared passion for the art of cooking, the cooks will join Chef Henrique Mouro in the ‘À TERRA’ Restaurant to showcase the rustic and genuine flavors of the region.

At the table, there’s no shortage of the typical fried chicharrones com vilão sauce, bolo lêvedo e inhame cozido com molho de fígado. The main course is bacalhoada na caldeira, cooked in Furnas’ natural boilers for over three hours, and cabrito guisado in an iron pot with thick porridge. To finish, the cooks bring out typical Azorean desserts such as paio de pêros – the island’s apple pie, and Tigelada das Furnas.

At Octant Ponta Delgada, on June 1, the gastronomic experience continues with Mrs. Marília, Mrs. Vânia and Mr. Paulo who, together with Chef Paulo Leite, will prepare lunch at the ‘À TERRA’ Restaurant with starters such as stuffed chicharrones, sovada pasta from Faial and caldo de netos, a traditional soup that uses local produce. As for the main course, delicacies such as stewed octopus and Terceira rump will be prepared, highlighting the gastronomy of the islands. To sweeten the palate, the chefs will bring irresistible desserts to the table such as squares of pumpkin, margaridas de São Miguel and fofas from Faial, a typical island dessert made with a pastry flavored with fennel seeds and filled with lemon custard.


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