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Travel Advisor Success Stories: Lindsay Kowalski, LK Travel Group

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Claudette Covey

Travel Advisor Success Stories focus on veteran travel advisors and how they achieved success. Here’s a look at Lindsay Kowalski, owner and lead travel designer at LK Travel Group, an affiliate of Jetset World Travel.

How did you get your start as a travel advisor?

My path to becoming a travel advisor began in the most unexpected way. After the birth of my two premature babies, both of whom spent months in the hospital, I faced significant uncertainty. My first son was born at just 27 weeks, weighing only two pounds. Despite his challenging start, he is now a healthy, thriving 12-year-old who is taller than me. To care for them, I decided to leave my teaching career and stay home. As my children grew stronger and more independent, my long-dormant passion for travel reignited, inspiring me to embark on a new career where I could help others explore the world.

How did you build your business over the years?

Building my business was a challenging journey, made even more so by the absence of a mentor to guide me. My background as an educator instilled in me a deep passion for learning, so I threw myself into self-education, attending industry seminars, reading extensively and connecting with other professionals. This relentless pursuit of knowledge and the application of new skills helped me gradually build a successful travel advisory business from the ground up.

What characteristics make you a successful advisor?

Several key characteristics have contributed to my success as a travel advisor. Being highly organized allows me to manage multiple clients and trips efficiently. My ability to connect with both partners and clients helps in fostering long-term relationships built on trust and mutual respect. Additionally, my strong work ethic and aversion to procrastination ensure that I deliver exceptional service and maintain high standards in every aspect of my business.

What have been your greatest challenges?

Starting a business during the COVID-19 pandemic was an extraordinary challenge. The travel industry was one of the hardest hit and launching a new venture in such uncertain times required immense resilience and adaptability. Wearing the many hats required of an entrepreneur, from marketing to customer  service to financial management, added layers of complexity. However, these challenges taught me invaluable lessons and strengthened my resolve.

What have your greatest accomplishments been?

I am incredibly proud of many accomplishments throughout my career, but my loyal clients and the exceptional partnerships I’ve developed stand out the most. These relationships are a testament to the trust and confidence my clients and industry partners place in me. Building a reputation for reliability and excellence has been deeply rewarding, and seeing my clients’ travel dreams come true is the greatest accomplishment of all.

What tips can you provide advisors new to the industry?

For those new to the industry, my advice is to seek out a mentor if you can. Having someone experienced to guide you can accelerate your growth and help you avoid common pitfalls. The travel industry can sometimes feel isolating, but learning from someone who has successfully navigated it can provide invaluable insights and support. Embrace every opportunity to learn, network and grow, as these experiences will shape your career and set you on the path to success.

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