July 13, 2024

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Summer Senses Luxury Resort Celebrates Cycladic-Inspired Fine Dining

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Summer Senses Luxury Resort, the largest resort in Paros, Greece, with over 100 guestrooms and suites, proudly reintroduces Galazia Hytra, an extraordinary fine dining destination set to elevate the island’s culinary scene this summer. Located within the resort’s serene ambiance, the restaurant is led by the legendary Apostolos Trastelis and features Michelin-starred Hytra Athens Executive, Chef George Felemegkas, and Summer Senses Executive Chef Christos Kanoulas. Known for his involvement with Michelin-starred restaurants such as Spondi, Hytra, and Fuga in Athens, Trastelis brings his expertise to Galazia Hytra, blending traditional Greek flavors with modern techniques.

Embracing the traditions of the Cycladic region, the menu combines modern culinary techniques with local ingredients, engaging all the senses. Guests are invited to savor handcrafted cocktails infused with indigenous herbs and botanicals, expertly curated to complement the culinary journey. From authentic Greek dishes such as giouvetsi orzo with shrimp, roasted tomato, Florina peppers, and wild fennel, to desserts like chocolate namelaka with caramel foam and spices, chocolate biscuit, and Gianduja ice cream, Galazia Hytra promises gastronomic excellence.

The elegantly designed restaurant offers an atmosphere of refined luxury, perfect for creating unforgettable memories with its stunning panoramic ocean views. The dining area, adorned with contemporary Cycladic decor, features natural materials, soft lighting, and a color palette inspired by the Aegean Sea, creating a tranquil yet sophisticated setting.

The culinary journey extends in 2024 beyond the enchanting evenings at Galazia Hytra, welcoming the innovative touch of Apostolos Trastellis to Summer Senses’ second all-day restaurant, GAIA, inviting guests to enjoy authentic Greek and Cycladic flavors. Named after the ancient Greek goddess of Earth, GAIA celebrates the region’s diversity with dishes made from locally harvested vegetables and freshly caught seafood sourced from local fishermen. Guests can savor traditional flavors at any time of the day, with dishes like tarahta, made with handmade pasta from the island, anthotyro cheese, and slow-cooked veal cheek, paired with wines from the extensive European wine list. In addition to the delights of Galazia Hytra and GAIA, Summer Senses offers poolside cocktails and light snacks at Hydor Pool Bar, and evening drinks under the Mediterranean stars at Irida Lounge Bar. Galazia Hytra will be open for reservations through September 29, 2024, and GAIA will be open for the season through October 6, 2024.


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