March 3, 2024

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Stanley Tucci Is Back In Italy With An All-New Travel Food TV Show

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Deliciously appealing, Stanley Tucci has returned to Italy this month to film an all-new, 10-episode TV series for National Geographic network that celebrates food and travel in the land of his ancestors. It is tentatively titled Tucci: The Heart of Italy.

Pairing Nat Geo’s renowned expertise—creating stunning photography and evocative narratives—with Tucci, a multiple award-winning American actor, is a five-star recipe for success. Ever since the cancellation of Tucci’s previous culinary destination show, CNN’s Searching for Italy, which won Primetime Emmys for Outstanding Hosted Nonfiction Series, fans have enthused on social media about their hopes to watch more of Tucci unearthing tasty morsels and showcasing lovely landscapes in Italy’s distinctive regions.

In this fresh eye-opening iteration, which will also air on parent company Disney+, insatiable Tucci will step away from crowded spots to discover serene behind-the-scenes surprises, scrumptious sustenance and compelling stories, while talking and toasting with professional chefs, home cooks, farmers, fishers, winemakers and more. Expect classic Tucci charm, so smooth and inviting at times that he himself seems like an irresistible dessert. Among this year’s colorful touchdowns: Lazio, Marche, Sicily, Trentino-Alto Adige and Veneto.

Savoring Tucci’s Best Of Italy

“National Geographic is all about adventure and exploration,” says Tucci, who is also a best-selling cookbook and memoir author. “I am honored to take viewers once again to Italy through the lens of food.” Adds Tom McDonald, executive vice president of global factual and unscripted shows at National Geographic, “This is the perfect home for Stanley to share his knowledge and passion for Italy’s people, food and culture. Our programming is all about inspiring a deeper connection to the world. With Stanley as their guide, audiences will be transported to places and to flavors they’ve never experienced before.”

In partnership with ground-breaking BBC Studios Specialist Factual Productions and Tucci’s own indie Salt Productions, The Heart of Italy, of which he is an executive producer, is anticipated to become an appetizing favorite. Follow me on Forbes for Tucci’s season premiere announcement. Ciao!


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