July 13, 2024

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#RidingSolo: The Best Solo Travel Groups to Explore the World With

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The days of worrying about the vacation leaving the group chat are over. Go anyway — alone if you have to! There is no need to wait for your friends and family to catch up if you’re ready to get your travel on, as solo travel is becoming increasingly popular. However, if you’re concerned about your safety or you’ll get lonely, the best solo travel groups are available!

Whether you want to travel in the U.S. or put your passport to use, there is a travel group for you! Solo travel groups allow you the freedom to travel on your own without risking your comfort or safety. Here are five solo travel groups to book with for your summer vacation!

If you hope to travel with like-minded people, consider Sister Traveling Solo! This group offers both solo and group travel. Additionally, they are helping to break the stigma of unsafe travel for Black women. They provide a platform for everyone to feel safe and supported as they only cater to women. They offer trips to Africa, Asia, Europe and more!

Travelers who like a little luxury with their vacations may want to book with Black & Abroad. This travel group focuses on international travel that provides culture and relaxation. They accept solo and group travelers but insist you have a sense of adventure. Founded in 2015, Black & Abroad has also become a learning platform for traveling.

Urban Events Global is happy to welcome solo and group travelers on all their trips. They focus on Black professionals who need a break from work and life. If you want to travel with like-minded folks and experience culture, this travel group is for you! Not only will you have a fantastic vacation, but you’ll also connect with people you would’ve never met otherwise.

Up In the Air Life caters to all travelers, including those who want to travel solo. If you’re the friend who is always planning everything, consider booking with this travel group. Up in the Air Life encourages you to eliminate the stress of traveling! They also pride themselves on easing the worries of traveling as a Black person, making them one of the best solo travel groups you can find.

Travelers who are hoping to learn and grow while vacationing should look no further than Black Girls Travel Too. As implied by its name, this travel group focuses on the Black woman’s experience. From there, they enrich your knowledge through travel. Additionally, they ensure the safety of all of their participants.

Traveling does not have to depend on the participation of others. While spending time with friends and family on vacation is excellent, being dependent on them can cause you to miss an opportunity. The world is waiting for you; go see it!

Which of the best solo travel groups will you be booking with? Let us know in the comments below.

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