June 20, 2024

Adventure Awaits Journeyers

Discovering the World Anew

Researchers build AI that can replicate and alter itself and I’m pretty sure that’s an opening line from the original Terminator script

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If you imagine a jackhammer slamming in a pushpin into the ground, you get the idea of how some AI and models are too much for our sometimes very specific tasks. I mean, the AI we have today can do so many things, often by leveraging cloud-based large (emphasis on large) language models (LLM) to get the job done.

These AIs like ChatGPT are not built to respond to real-time sensor data and make custom changes but according to an engrossing new report on Tom’s Hardware, researchers have found a way to build a new system that ingests real-time sensor data and then like a real-world Multiplicity, create a new and slightly different AI replica.


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