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Lucy Foley Books In Order: A Journey Through Her Literary Works

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Lucy Foley Books In Order

Lucy Foley Books In Order (Image Credit: Instagram)

Lucy Foley has become a well-known name in modern fiction, creating exciting stories full of mystery, suspense, and complex characters. Her novels are famous for their fascinating settings and thrilling plots that keep readers hooked. Let’s look at Lucy Foley’s books in the order they were published, highlighting what makes each one special and interesting.

1. The Book of Lost and Found (2015)

Published in 2015, The Book of Lost and Found marks Lucy Foley’s debut novel. Set in both the present day and the glamorous art world of 1920s London and Corsica, the novel intertwines the story of a young woman named Kate with her grandmother’s past as a talented artist and her connection to a renowned painter. Secrets unravel across generations, exploring love, loss, and the power of art.

2. The Invitation (2016)

Following her debut, Lucy Foley released The Invitation in 2016. This novel weaves a story of love, betrayal, and forgiveness set against the backdrop of a grand old house in the Irish countryside. When an old friend unexpectedly arrives for a weekend gathering, secrets buried for years resurface, threatening to unravel relationships and change lives forever. Foley’s skilful storytelling and vivid characterizations shine through in this atmospheric narrative.

3. Last Letter From Istanbul (2018)

In Last Letter From Istanbul, published in 2018, Lucy Foley takes readers on a journey to wartime Turkey. Against the tumultuous backdrop of World War II, a young British diplomat falls in love with a Turkish woman who is caught up in the conflict. As they navigate the complexities of war and cultural divides, their love story unfolds through letters and clandestine meetings, painting a poignant portrait of resilience and sacrifice.

4. The Hunting Party (2018)

The Hunting Party, released in the same year as Last Letter From Istanbul, catapulted Lucy Foley to international acclaim. This gripping thriller revolves around a group of old friends who gather at a remote hunting lodge in the Scottish Highlands for New Year’s Eve. As tensions rise and secrets come to light, one of them is found murdered. Foley skillfully unravels the characters’ hidden motivations and tangled relationships, keeping readers guessing until the shocking conclusion.

5. The Guest List (2020)

Following the success of The Hunting Party, Lucy Foley delivered another thrilling masterpiece with The Guest List in 2020. Set on a remote island off the coast of Ireland, the novel unfolds during a luxurious wedding celebration where the past and present collide with deadly consequences. As the stormy night progresses, secrets are exposed, and the wedding turns into a harrowing tale of betrayal, revenge, and dark desires.

6. The Paris Apartment (2022)

In 2022, Lucy Foley ventured into a new world with The Paris Apartment, a novel that intertwines the lives of two women separated by a century. The story revolves around a luxurious Parisian apartment and the secrets hidden within its walls. As the present-day protagonist, Jess, uncovers the mysteries of the past, she becomes entangled in a web of deception and danger that spans generations.

7. The Midnight Feast (2024)

Most recently, Lucy Foley released The Midnight Feast in 2024, continuing her tradition of crafting compelling narratives filled with suspense and intrigue. While specific details about this novel may vary as it is her latest work, readers can expect Foley’s signature blend of atmospheric settings, complex characters, and gripping plots that have made her a beloved author in the genre of psychological suspense and mystery.


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