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Loose Women star Judi Love lands culinary travel show on ITV

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Judi Love is to host a culinary travel show for ITV.

The 44-year-old comedienne is best known as a panellist on the lunchtime chat show ‘Loose Women’ alongside the likes of Coleen Nolan, Denise Welch and Janet Street-Porter but is “so excited” to celebrate her heritage and culture with ‘Judi Love’s Culinary Cruise’ later this year.

She said: “I am so excited to be setting sail on this new adventure with ITV. Growing up within a Jamaican family, food was always at the heart of any function and occasion.

“So I’m truly excited to experience the culture, people and food of the beautiful Mediterranean.”

As part of the series, the ‘Celebrity Gogglebox’ star will visit Kotor in Montenegro, plus four locations in Greece – Parga, Kerkira, Kefalonia, and Itea and try out all the local delicacies.

She added: “I’m looking forward to exploring all of the different destinations as food has such a way of telling a story for many, especially in the Mediterranean where it’s about sharing love, traditions and identity.

“I have always loved watching loved ones cook and I truly love serving up a hearty plate of food for my family and friends. So I’m thrilled to be able to embrace this with ITV and the audience at home… I can’t wait to get started.”

The former ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ contestant worked in social care before carving out her career in standup comedy and joined ‘Loose Women’ after producers spotted a viral video of her on Instagram complaining about a roundabout.

She later recalled believing she could succeed in entertainment after making patients laugh.

Speaking on ITV’s ‘This Morning’, she explained: “As much as I see that video now, it takes me back, but it brings me so much joy because [producers] Sally and Tom saw it and thought ‘You connect with other people!’

“I trained as a social worker and there was a time when I was doing some training in a mental health rehabilitation home, people with really serious psychosis.

“We were laughing and I was making jokes, we were all laughing, I remember standing there watching everyone laugh and just taking it in. It makes me emotional, one gentleman turned to me and said ‘Thank you, I forgot about my psychosis’.

“And that was one of the things that pushed me to just try. I’ve been through adversities in life and one of the things that got through it was laughing. It’s about taking those chances. If I never said to myself, ‘Okay, I don’t think this is the place that I’m supposed to be’, then I wouldn’t be here.”


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