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Local author Neisa Murray’s literary journey through grief and empowerment

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Neisa Murray, a local author, has found solace and creativity in writing, using it as a means to cope with the emotional turmoil brought on by a stillbirth and the recent loss of her mother-in-law. Murray’s literary journey has resulted in a diverse range of books, aimed at both children and adults, serving as a medium for her own healing and empowerment.

“I wanted to try to find things that helped me heal,” shared Murray, reflecting on her creative process.

Her first endeavor led to the creation of “Galactic Adventure: The Mysterious Glitch,” a children’s book tailored to her older son’s interests, particularly video games. The narrative follows a boy who, after neglecting his parents’ advice, becomes immersed in a video game. To escape, he must complete a series of adventurous levels, ultimately realizing the importance of listening to his parents.

With its vibrant graphics and engaging storyline, the book became a hit among Murray’s son and his cousins, motivating her to explore new horizons.

“I said, what else can I do? And so ‘Eternal Love’s Journey’ was born,” Murray said. This time, she ventured into the realm of steamy romance, aiming to provide adults with an adventurous escape.

Set in the Land of Kush during Ancient Egyptian times, “Eternal Love’s Journey” tells the story of an immortal Queen who encounters a young man bearing a striking resemblance to her lost love. Their deep connection transcends time and together they overcome numerous trials and tribulations.

“Love is hard. You have to commit yourself to love,” Murray emphasized. “You have to find that connection and never let it unplug itself.”

Murray’s creative journey didn’t stop there. She authored “I AM Empowerment Coloring Book,” a project filled with positive affirmations. As a graphic designer, Murray sought to create a tool for people going through various life challenges, offering them empowerment and a path to renewed happiness. The book concludes with a poem penned by Murray entitled “I am.”

Active in the Minden community, Murray owns NeNe’s Corner LLC, a business specializing in eye-catching graphic designs. She has also been involved in community events, including hosting the 2022 Pop Up & Pose fashion show to celebrate Juneteenth.

All three of Neisa Murray’s books are available on Amazon, catering to different tastes and age groups. “Galactic Adventure: The Mysterious Glitch” and “Eternal Love’s Journey” are available in both paperback and Kindle versions, while “I AM Empowerment Coloring Book” is offered in paperback format.

Murray’s literary works offer readers a unique blend of storytelling, creativity, and empowerment, reflecting her own journey through grief and personal growth.


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