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Jorja’s literary journey – from dreams to Cornelia Street | Bond University

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Jorgia Fawkner with her novel
Bachelor of Psychological Science student Jorja Fawkner with her first novel, Cornelia Street

Jorja Fawkner is one book and 54kg lighter … and couldn’t be happier.

The second year Bachelor of Psychological Science student at Bond University has undergone massive changes in her life, including having the literary world at her feet after her first novel, “Cornelia Street”, was published and selling out.

It’s a psychological romance which features some of her real-life friends, such as Tyson and Billie, as characters.

She also left a Taylor Swift-like trail of “Easter Eggs” for her readers to discover and enjoy.

“She’s my favourite and I put all of them in the book which is named after Taylor’s song ‘Cornelia Street’.”

Cornelia Street, the book, is targeted at the 16-35 years female audience, she said, and “I think when I’m writing if they would read the book would they like it?”

“My roommate was the first to see the first chapter and she said “Jorja, I want more.”

Her dream is for girls and young women to find themselves a little slice of heaven in each book they read, and “Cornelia Street” is dedicated to those girls.

Having been an avid reader since she was 14 (including reading every Harry Potter book “seven times”), she believes reading has helped teach her how to write.

“I’ve got OCD so when I’m reading I’m looking at the structure of the sentences and the plot.

“I believe you have to read to know how to write.

“I did extension English and spent a lot of time in the library at school and uni.”

Jorja knows she’s a fast writer, churning out a phenomenal 3 chapters in a day.

So it’s no surprise that when she had what she called a “vivid dream” whilst resting at home from lap band surgery last July, it quickly turned to such powerful prose.

In the days that followed that dream she replayed the video memos she had recorded in her haze.

Within 2 weeks she had 12 publishers wanting more of Cornelia Street.

“Writing comes easy to me, but I was shocked (by their response).”

Buoyed by her success Jorja dedicated the next three months to finishing her novel, and signed with Austin Macauley Publishing in London which has been busy keeping up with demand for Jorja’s creation.

Work on the second leg of her trilogy should be finished by the end of 2024, and she hopes to have the third and final leg published by the end of 2025.

That final book could be completed in Scotland where Jorja is keen to spend a writer’s retreat in the country she has fallen in love with.

Once the retreat is done, she said she would like to use her studies to work with children.

Both her parents are police officers and the work they do has been an inspiration to her, she said.

“I really want to work with kids.”

Another inspiration is caring for herself, so much so that she embarked on a massive weight-loss journey with the help of surgery.

“It’s completely changed me and my attitude with food, exercise and pilates. I love pilates.

“I feel so much better physically…54kg lighter. This and the book are the best things I’ve ever done.”


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