July 13, 2024

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HBX Group and PerfectStay join forces to offer roll-out B2B2C travel packages globally

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HBX Group, a leading player in the B2B TravelTech ecosystem, announces today a strategic partnership with PerfectStay, a leading B2B company specialising in tailored holiday packaging. This collaboration aims to create a new global leader in B2B2C package travel solutions.

Since 2023, HBX Group has been collaborating with PerfectStay to offer innovative packaging solutions for airlines, hotels, and banks in EMEA. With this successful commercialisation phase, HBX Group is now accelerating the global rollout of HBX Group and PerfectStay curated travel experiences to a wider selection of clients, enabling them to offer unique and monetisable travel experiences directly to their customers.

PerfectStay is recognised for its exceptional ability in curating unique travel experiences, providing comprehensive travel inventories that include hotels, transfers, car rentals, excursions, flights and activities. With great technological capabilities and advanced dynamic packaging, PerfectStay offers clients bespoke travel solutions.

The partnership will also enhance customer loyalty programmes and consumer platforms. Leveraging advanced technology and data, HBX Group and PerfectStay will boost revenue and improve user experience. Both companies’ digital marketing expertise will drive traffic and increase conversion rates, ensuring a seamless and rewarding travel experience for customers. PerfectStay’s technology, combined with HBX Group’s global presence and local touch, will ensure the best deals negotiated by destination experts.

According to sector research, there is growing demand for both personalised and organised travel experiences, which is why HBX Group saw in PerfectStay the best partner possible. We are excited to bring to the global travel market –as well as to non-travel industry brands willing to step into travel– the turnkey ecommerce solutions we have been developing jointly with PerfectStay since 2023. This collaboration will allow us to leverage our combined technology and expertise to enhance the travel experiences for customers worldwide, while providing our partners with new avenues for growth and revenue. Nicolas Huss, CEO of HBX Group

We are thrilled to embark on this strategic partnership with HBX Group, a leader in the global TravelTech space. Their solid infrastructure, talented team and industry acumen will provide our current and future clients with a distinctive solution that only our joint efforts can offer. This collaboration is set to redefine industry standards and bring unparallelled value to our customers. Raphael Zier, Executive Chairman of PerfectStay

This partnership marks a significant milestone in HBX Group’s journey towards innovation. Some of the brands currently working with HBX Group and PerfectStay include Air France, Emirates, Transavia, and American Express. Kenya Airways is the latest addition to this client portfolio, highlighting the growing influence and reach of both companies.

As part of the agreement, HBX Group is investing in PerfectStay through the TravelTech Lab venture client recently created to support startups and scaleups developing innovative technological solutions in the travel sector. HBX Group is committed to driving innovation and shaping the future of travel by leveraging advanced technology and forming strategic partnerships, such as the one with PerfectStay.

About HBX Group

HBX Group is a leading B2B ecosystem player in the TravelTech space, connecting and empowering businesses in the ever-evolving world of travel. We drive growth for our clients & partners while removing friction from the end-to-end travel experience. Our cloud-based technology platforms offer fast and reliable access to a unique portfolio of travel products & services, while rich data and intelligence seamlessly connect supply and demand worldwide. We have over 3,000 experts worldwide, including specialists on the ground who provide insights and support to boost trading even further, especially in the most hard-to-reach segments. This unique blend of technology, data and passionate people serves as a catalyst for all businesses aiming to unlock their full potential in the travel arena. Learn more about HBX Group at www.hbxgroup.com


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