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From Thread to Tale: Devidas Saudagar’s Journey From Being A Tailor to Literary Luminary With Novel ‘Usvan’

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Experiencing real-life challenges often acts as a catalyst for deep reflection, unveiling the hardships individuals face in filling the voids within their lives. Within Marathi literature, some poets and writers skillfully depict these authentic life experiences. Devidas Saudagar stands out as a notable figure among the new generation of writers for his impactful storytelling.

Saudagar recently earned recognition from the Sahitya Akademi with the ‘Youth Literature Award’ for his novel ‘Usvan,’ which has sparked conversations and garnered attention in literary circles over recent years. Hailing from Tuljapur in the Dharashiv district, Saudagar’s work as a tailor intertwines with his personal experiences, offering a unique perspective in ‘Usvan.’

Prior to this novel, Saudagar had released poetry collections like ‘Karnachya Manatlan’ and ‘Kaljat Lenya Koratana,’ showcasing his versatility in literary expression. Actively participating in literary gatherings and conferences, his ability to convey profound life experiences through poetry laid the foundation for his venture into novel writing, culminating in the creation of ‘Usvan.’

Saudagar’s roots trace back to Belkund in the Osmanabad district of Latur, where his father honed his craft and remained dedicated throughout. This familial background greatly influenced Saudagar’s literary journey, enabling him to capture the intricacies of life’s experiences and translate them into captivating narratives, as seen in ‘Usvan.’

In an interview with Times Of India, Saudagar revealed that he started full-time writing during the Covid. He compiled a collection of poems in 2021 and completed his novel “Usvan” in 2022. However, his journey to literary success was not without hurdles. Initially, ten major publishers rejected his novel before it found a home with Mukta Godbole of Deshmukh and Company, who published 500 copies of his work.

His path hasn’t been easy. Despite facing numerous rejections and coming from a background of poverty in Tuljapur, I never gave up on my dreams.” His perseverance is evident in his early years, having dropped out of regular school after the seventh grade but continuing his education through night school until completing the tenth standard. During the day, he assisted his father in their tailoring shop, gaining hands-on experience in the trade.

In 2006, Saudagar pursued a two-year course in motor mechanics at a nearby ITI Polytechnic College. However, by 2008, facing a lack of employment opportunities, he turned to tailoring as his full-time occupation. Determined to enhance his prospects, Saudagar enrolled in an open university and earned his MA in history. He also honed his English and Marathi typing skills, expanding his job prospects and paving the way for his eventual success in both tailoring and literature.

Despite the challenges and setbacks he encountered along the way, Saudagar’s dedication to self-improvement and relentless pursuit of excellence ultimately led to his remarkable achievements. His story serves as an inspiration to aspiring writers and individuals striving to overcome adversity and carve their paths to success.


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