July 13, 2024

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Frienzy Launches First of Its Kind Group Travel Network and Mobile App, Sees Rapid Adoption Among Gen Z

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Dallas startup releases commercial Frienzy app after a year of development, early adoption, and completion of an angel funding round.

Frienzy is more than an app, it’s an entirely new social network and catalyst for bringing friends together around their shared love for adventure and authentic experiences”

— James McElroy, CEO

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 2, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Frienzy, the emerging leader in group travel automation and expense management, announced today the commercial launch of its social network and mobile app aimed at simplifying trip logistics and communication for groups of travelers. Developed over the last year, the beta version of the Frienzy app has already attracted tens of thousands of users. Out of the gate, the app has seen rapid adoption among Gen Z users seeking to better coordinate frequent trips, split costs, and share their experiences with others. The news follows completion of the startup’s angel funding round.

“Frienzy is more than an app, it’s an entirely new social network and catalyst for bringing friends together around their shared love for adventure and authentic experiences as well as making new connections with likeminded travelers seeking to share their journey and forge new friendships,” said James McElroy, Frienzy’s CEO and Co-Founder. “Digitally savvy Gen Z is known for meticulous planning and detailed itineraries while also embracing spontaneity, so Frienzy had to be flexible enough to manage a pre-built itinerary and empower users to build their adventure on the fly. And we succeeded.”

Born in the mid-90’s through the early 2010’s, Gen Z represents more than 20% of the US population. Having grown up with social media and come of age during the pandemic, their desire to engage with the world around them along with their social circle make them the most frequent travelers compared to previous generations, taking an average of three trips per year spurred on by increasing buying power. 71% of people between the ages of 18 and 24 report having plans for spring break with a quarter of Gen Z surveyed reporting they are planning an international trip within the next year according to CivicScience.

Frienzy was designed to meet even the most complex challenges of Gen Z group travel logistics and expense management with an eye toward bringing static travel itineraries to life within a collaborative setting. Users start their journey by uploading an itinerary or manually inputting a destination and travel dates. Frienzy then recommends bookings based on user interests, including activities, places to stay and dining, all booked from within the app with a touch.

Private travel groups of friends and family can be created supporting quick getaways or worldwide, multi-destination trips. Switching to discovery mode, an itinerary can also be built from Frienzy’s growing network of traveling companions willing to share their experiences, empowering travelers to discover and connect with new friends or other trips. The app keeps track of shared expenses and allows group travelers to see and pay their portion. Featuring easy ways to share photos and trip updates along the way, Frienzy completely eliminates the need to coordinate group travel using text messages, e-mails, and phone calls by automating group communication, improving collaboration and safety.

Asher Wabrek, Co-Founder and COO, commented “By prioritizing the sophisticated travel demands of Gen Z, Frienzy effectively caters to all age groups, including Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers.” “With more than 10,000 users added within the last month, we expect to reach 250,000 multigenerational users by the end of the year through organic growth and strategic distribution partnerships. We extend a global invitation to adventurers of all ages, urging them to join the Frienzy movement for more than just streamlined group travel logistics; Frienzy transforms each moment into an indelible memory.”

Following a successful round of angel investment, Frienzy is seeking opportunities to fuel its next wave of growth through additional funding rounds.

About Frienzy

Available on Google Play and Apple App Store, Frienzy is a first of its kind network that brings group travelers together to securely manage their trip itinerary and split costs, from weekend getaways to dream vacations. Users receive real time updates on group events and itinerary changes with the ability to book activities, hotels, dining, and more directly from the app. Learn more at www.frienzy.io

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