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Dapeng’s growth a world-class cultural and eco-tourism destination in the GBA

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In March, a large number of residents and tourists flocked to the Xichong International Dark Sky Community in Dapeng New Area, located in the southeastern part of Shenzhen with sea views on three sides, for a perfect view of the night sky. It is Asia’s second and China’s first certified international dark sky community.

In recent years, Dapeng has garnered increasing attention on the global stage. The research achievements jointly made by the Agricultural Genomics Institute at Shenzhen and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Dapeng, in collaboration with multiple institutions, were published in leading industry journals. These achievements have established China’s global leadership in the theories and technologies related to paclitaxel biosynthesis. Dapeng Princess, the world’s largest river-sea intermodal liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier, was delivered and put into service last year.

Dapeng, an ecological, maritime and cultural tourism area, has accelerated the construction of a world-class coastal eco-tourism resort zone and a concentrated carrier hub for global marine central cities. It also aims to create additional new hallmarks for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area (GBA) and even China.

Cultural tourism and ecological quality

Daya Bay has hosted the China Cup International Regatta for 15 editions, the largest and most influential international sailing event in the Asia-Pacific region. Photo: Zhu Hongbo

Dapeng boasts a coastline of 125km and a forest coverage rate of over 77 per cent. It has ranked first for city air quality for 11 consecutive years. Last year, it added 20km of hiking trails, five themed trails, 11km of urban greenways and 47km of coastal cycling routes.

It is also known as the cultural root of Shenzhen, and home to the 7,000-year-old Xiantouling site which witnessed the earliest human civilisation in the vicinity. The 600-year-old Dapeng Fortress boasts 21 national key cultural heritage sites.

Leveraging its geographical advantages and rich cultural heritage, Dapeng is committed to striking a harmonious balance between high-level environmental protection and high-quality development. It is on a fast track to become a world-class coastal eco-tourism resort area.

Dapeng has the largest number of homestays, which are also among the earliest, in Guangdong Province. Among its attractions are Jiaochangwei village with its 3km coastline and over 300 homestays, Guanhu village and its charming sea view, and the beautiful east-west coastline. Nan’ao Moon Bay, a natural harbour, is famed for its seafood, and was the venue for the first GBA Maritime Dragon Boat Race. Scenic Daya Bay has hosted the China Cup International Regatta, the largest and most influential international sailing event in the Asia-Pacific region, for 15 consecutive years.

In 2024, Dapeng will expedite the construction of projects like Legoland Resort and Citic Golden Bay Resort. It will accelerate the revitalisation of historical and cultural resources, such as Dapeng Fortress and Bantianyun Village. Furthermore, Dapeng will introduce distinctive leisure venues, including upscale cafes and bars, while promoting unique maritime leisure activities, such as sailing, yachting and cruises.

New energy and biotechnology

On February 3, China’s first demonstration of LNG cold energy aquaculture achieved initial success at the Dapeng LNG Terminal in Guangdong. This project marks the integration of green energy and blue granary. The Dapeng LNG Terminal is one of the largest LNG terminals in China. The Dapeng LNG Corridor, where it is located, had a cumulative unloading volume of 120 million tons last year, ranking it first in China.

Shenzhen Ocean University is poised to become an international high-level research-oriented maritime university, and will be integrated with the deep-sea research centre and maritime museum. The construction of Shenzhen’s first modern fishery and tourism economic zone is under way.

Near Baguang Beach, the Shenzhen International Biotech Valley and Food Valley are now integrated into one. The zone also attracts national key scientific infrastructure and innovative carrier projects, such as Cheerland Biotechnology. Two achievements from the Agricultural Genomics Institute at Shenzhen, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences touted as major advancements in 2023. Dapeng New Area has also made a strategic layout for industry clusters that include biomedicine and healthcare. All these efforts have contributed to the emergence and upgrade of quality productive forces in the biotechnology industry.

Additionally, Dapeng continues to introduce high-quality projects, such as Legoland Resort. The Citic Golden Bay International Resort consists of nearly 20 projects under nine business formats. Last year, Dapeng welcomed the China Merchants Eden, China’s first independently operated luxury cruise ship. It has presented more possibilities to the cruise economy and promoted the development of the high-end cultural tourism industry.

Rail connectivity, renowned schools and hospitals

The Shenzhen Observatory, an attraction that will be easily reached by the Dapeng branch line of the Shenzhen-Huizhou Intercity Railway. Photo: Zeng Yuepeng

In recent years, Dapeng has undertaken several major transport projects for the convenience of citizens and tourists.

Construction of the Dapeng branch line of the Shenzhen-Huizhou Intercity Railway, which runs through the Dapeng Peninsula, is in full swing. This line will provide access to Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, Qianhai, and other popular destinations within an hour from Dapeng. The construction of Phase III of the Shenzhen Metro Line 8, that includes the Xichong Depot, has been accelerated. Once completed, it will connect with Line 2 and serve to link Nanshan, Futian and other areas.

Rail interconnectivity has brought more renowned schools and hospitals to Dapeng, while support facilities in urban areas have further improved.

Recently, the Nan’ao Hospital of the Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital in Dapeng New Area was inaugurated as the first National Demonstration Institution for the Integration of Medical Care and Elderly Care in the city. Last year, prestigious schools, including Shenzhen Middle School, Dapeng School and Dapeng Overseas Chinese Middle School of the Hongling Education Group settled in Dapeng, covering all educational stages from preschool to higher education.

Dapeng is forging ahead as a hallmark for tourist destinations in the Greater Bay Area and China and as an example of high-quality development to the world.


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