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CGI Embraces Jewish Passion With Extreme Adventures in South America

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CGI Embraces Jewish Passion With Extreme Adventures in South America

A nine-hour drive from Santiago, the thriving capital of Chile, lies the scenic town of Valdivia. Situated along the Pacific coastline and famous for its network of rivers, the city has plenty of water sports opportunities. With the surrounding rainforest offering even more options for outdoor adventure, Valdivia is the perfect home for CGI Extreme, a camp where exploration meets Jewish Education for boys and girls.

The 10-day summer getaway in December is a highlight of the year for Jewish Chilean school kids to look forward to. A chance to learn more about their Judaism authentically, with no shortage of adrenaline-fueled escapades along the way. White-water rafting, overnight camping, tree-top walks above the rainforest, and natural spa visits are just a small selection of what this unique camp provides.

Guided by Rabbi Menashe Perman, the Head Shliach of Chile, CGI Extreme Valdivia stands as a tribute to the memory of Mr. Hillel Fried Z”L, with the steadfast support of his family.
The camp seeks to bring the warmth and passion of Chassidus to children from a diverse array of family backgrounds. “The unique setting in nature allows the kids to see what Judaism is really about. They see counselors proudly wearing their yarmulka and tzitzis, proudly sharing Torah, even on a hike in the middle of nowhere”

“This shows them that Yiddishkeit is far from a set of instructions from the parents or school teachers, but it can be an uplifting and essential part of their life going forward, with joy.”

The one-of-a-kind camp led by Rabbi Ishai Lieberson is rooted in the philosophy of educating holistically. Rather than enforcing Jewish practices that some campers may be unfamiliar with, the counselors lead by example, allowing campers to pick things up at their own pace.

With his family active and proud Chabad Chile participants throughout the years, Yigal S, 13, has been a regular attendee of the camp over the past few years. “What struck me about this camp compared to others I’ve attended, is the special connection with my fellow campers it brought about. Doing extreme activities together for a full week, away from technology, helped us get to know each other really well, and learn from one another.”

Counselors too, gained significantly from the extraordinary experience. “In my position as a madrich, I noticed how children are often sensitive to what adults don’t necessarily perceive. The energy with which we awoke to go to mikvah in the river, or the passion with which we sang Shachris, made all the difference to the energy of the kids throughout the day,” says Yair B.

“This observation, and the Chassidus we learned along the way, led me to reconsider what I spend energy on in my own life. I aim to dedicate more energy to Hashem and mitzvos than to mundane pursuits. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to spend this time leading the campers, in nature, and learn so much from it.”

With the coordination of the next season of camp already underway, CGI Extreme is currently planning to extend its camp days and incorporate a study component alongside the extreme activities.

The next camp will take place from mid-December to January on separate dates for boys and girls.
For more information or to sign up as a camper or Staff member, please contact Rabbi Ishai Libersohn: [email protected] +56981992451


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