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8 Ways To Save Money on Group Travel Packages

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Traveling brings new experiences and opens your mind to new cultures and possibilities. It can also open your wallet and take all your extra money.

Squaremouth Travel Insurance reported that the average summer trip cost rests at almost $10,000 this year (the first time ever). This represents a 7% increase over 2023 and a stunning 14% increase over 2022. The overall rising cost of travel and stubborn inflation are to blame.

This is surely a lot of money, however, traveling as a group can save you a bundle.

Here are eight ways to save with group travel, as reported by Go Overseas.

1. Cook and Shop for Group Meals

When you’re on the trip, it’s a smart idea to go grocery shopping as a group and split costs. If your accommodation has a kitchen and dining area, you can save money by cooking some meals rather than dining out during your whole vacation.

2. Plan Beforehand as Much as Possible

Typically, booking hotels, airfare, transportation, and excursions well in advance of your travel dates can save everyone money. Scrambling to book at the last minute can result in higher costs for the whole party, which could defeat the purpose of traveling as a group in the first place.

3. Book Group Accommodations

Rather than booking separate hotel rooms at a lavish resort, consider booking a large Airbnb or other vacation rental that might be off the beaten path. Splitting the cost of a large house with many bedrooms can certainly be more cost-effective than each individual or couple getting their own hotel room.

4. Be Transparent

Transparency is important when agreeing to travel as a group. Everyone might not have the same budget or financial means, so it’s important to get on the same page about costs. If the majority of the group is looking to save money, consider the most cost-effective options that fall within everyone’s budget.

5. Plan for Cheaper Transportation

It can be easy to pay for pre-arranged transportation to take you from the airport to a hotel, resort, or vacation rental. However, renting a van as a group — or taking an Uber instead of a prearranged airport transfer — could save everyone money. Also, if car rentals are necessary and you’re a big group, consider renting the biggest vehicle possible (so that everyone can fit in, rather than renting multiple cars for the group).

6. You Don’t Have To Do Everything Together

Group travel doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to do everything together. For example, some people may want to do an excursion, while other more budget-conscious group members may want to sit by the pool and read a book for the day.

7. Negotiate Discounts for Groups

It’s often the case that booking as a large group can come with discounts for hotels, excursions, etc. It’s worth calling ahead to find out if negotiating a lower group rate is possible before you go ahead and pay online.

8. Split Costs

Traveling as a group will come with many expenses to divide up. It’s important to set expectations about estimated costs before booking and divide costs evenly and fairly. It can be smart to have one person pay, and then everyone pays them, in order to streamline the booking process and eliminate any confusion.

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